SEC adopts new criteria for school fee hike

May 6, 2014 11:20 am

m_SEC adopts new criteria for School fee hike

Doha 06th May 2014: Qatar’s Supreme Council of Education (SEC) on Monday said that it will adopt scientific and transparent evaluation methods to deal with requests from private schools to increase their fee.

The fee increase would be allowed based on the financial situation of the school and how many times they have increased the fee in the recent past, according to Hamad Mohammed Alghali, Director of Private Schools Office, SEC.

SEC aims to support schools in meeting the rising costs of higher education and quality control, said Al Ghali adding that they will also make sure that the fee increase does not affect parents.

The council also aims to encourage the provision of high-quality education in the country, as well as to support investment in the private education sector to provide more options and absorptive capacity, he added.

SEC will evaluate each school on the basis of the following criteria:

-          Tuition fees and surcharges: Analysis of the current charges and fees previous, and the number of times that have been granted to increase school fees in the past years.

-          Financial Trends: Analysis of key financial ratios function on the financial situation of the school, which was collected from the financial statements of the school.

-          The quality of the application form fee increase: assessing the completeness and quality of application form fee increase.

-          The views of stakeholders: assessment and perspectives of students, parents and teachers in some of the key aspects of which was announced in the School Report Cards.

-          Accreditation: accreditation status of the school.

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