BUZZEFF launches new innovative and proprietary video advertising formats in MEA region

October 15, 2014 6:47 pm

BUZZEFF launches new innovative and proprietary video  advertising formats in MEA regionDubai, United Arab Emirates – October 12, 2014 – BUZZEFF, have launched new video advertising formats in the MEA region thanks to the partnership with TEADS (formed by the merger of Ebuzzing & Teads). The new formats, designed to stimulate the market and offer advertisers unprecedented opportunities for communication with their target audience.

A digital innovation made possible through the technology partnership with TEADS group. The market for digital communication in MEA, today registered the launch of a new service, this launch happened after its launch in Europe a few months ago. This made possible by the technology and the exclusive partnership between BUZZEFF and TEADS.
This partnership opens a new door for MEA advertiser’s to access a new technical innovation, as well as a network of digital media leaders such as Arab News, Khaleej Times, Qatar Chronicle,Washington Post, Reuters, Forbes, The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Le Monde, Le Figaro, etc.

“Through our strategic partnership with Teads, and our two offices in Casablanca and Dubai, we have the firepower to address the markets of North Africa and Francophone Africa on the one hand and those in the Middle East and African English on the other hand, says Jerome Mouthon, BUZZEFF’s Chairman.

A comprehensive and innovative digital offering  through the TEADS R&D team’s efforts, Buzzeff now offers three services on which it will provide real benefit for the market with Buzzeff Media, Buzzeff Social and Buzzeff Mobile.

Buzzeff Media is a revolutionary communication channel that allows exclusive distribution through media publishers and media “elite” publishers in MEA region with precise geographic targeting and exclusive format suitable for premium brands communication.

Unlike Instream advertising, video advertising outstream launched exclusively by Buzzeff Media is broadcast outside the traditional video stream. For example, video advertising can now be placed between  paragraphs of an article, two images in a show or in the flow of news on a smart phone.

In addition, this offer inaugurates the launch of the exclusive “InRead ™” which fits perfectly into the environment in contextual reading of the user and provides a unique experience for its original format. The promotional video is automatically activated when the user views the area of the player more than 50% and conversely, the player will automatically disappear when the user exceeds its display area.

A method of deploying a highly engaging model ‘view to play’, where the advertiser provides exceptional reach by paying only the actual views. Press release Buzzeff Social initial service offers is specific to a broadcast on blogs, thematic as well as social networking and gaming websites. The different formats available players (semi-expand, expand, and double V overlay view & visit) promote virality of the video and share comments through integrated functionality. Buzzeff Mobile service offering targeting mobile users, distributed via a network of websites in a mobile version. The player display ads automatically adapts to the optimized format of the terminal, whether  smartphones or tablets, offering a unique multimedia experience.

The user can move the display of advertising on the screen of the terminal, increasing its engagement with the brand. Mobile broadcasting also promotes virality through the mechanism of instant sharing. All tenders will benefit from online reporting tools offered by Buzzeff allowing measurability of ROI (Return On Investment) advertising campaigns. The reliability of reporting and the quality of service provided by Buzzeff are key success factors of digital brand communication.
The market for online video advertising has one of the highest growth rates among different types of  media, and is expected to reach $ 11.4 billion in 2016 (source: Magnaglobal).  A trend that strengthens Buzzeff’s ambition to develop the market for online video in Africa and the Middle East, and create value for all of the ecosystem. Buzzeff involved including revenue growth of publishers, with new formats for broadcasting video that create additional advertising space.

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