Dimension Data’s Chris Williams Pens Forward To New Book Virtualising Oracle Databases On Vsphere

October 29, 2014 12:23 pm


Dubai, UAE – 29 October 2014 - Chris Williams, Dimension Data’s Global Practice Director for the Data Centre Business Unit, and one of the first people to virtualise Oracle databases on VMware vSphere, has written the foreword to a new book Virtualising Oracle Databases on vSphere which is available now in print, eBook or bundled format from the publisher PearsonITCertification.com, and from other bookstores or online resellers beginning October 31, 2014.

Virtualising Oracle Databases on vSphere, authored by Don Sullivan and Kannan Mani – believed to be the foremost experts in this space – is the first, best-practice guide to virtualising business-critical Oracle Software and Databases on VMware vSphere.  The book is a compilation and extension of best practices, case studies and business case topics that they and others, including Williams have been writing about for years.

According to Williams, more and more organisations are moving to virtualise Oracle. “Oracle and vSphere together make up one of the most powerful and compatible combinations of technology you will find anywhere. Anyone wanting to get the most out of Oracle on vSphere should keep this book in an easy to reach place on your desk. You’ll want to come back to it again and again.  Don and Kannan are the leading experts of this expert community. We look to them because they have always worked at the centre of the Oracle virtualisation universe.”

In Sullivan and Mani’s book, there’s a treasure trove of information and time saving tips to get the most out of Oracle on vSphere deployments. This includes ways to overcome the most common issues, and several less common ones; as well as organisational and even political objections that may be encountered.

The reader will also learn about the Four Vs: Viability, Value, Versatility, and Vision. “These four tenants cover the full spectrum of issues most everyone will face when virtualising Oracle on vSphere. Building upon this foundation, Sullivan and Mani deliver a practical set of technical and business best practices for compute, networking, and storage topics, which are presented in detail,” explains Williams.

Virtualising Oracle Databases on vSphere also:

  • teaches readers how to plan for, install, and properly optimise Oracle and Oracle RAC;
  • provides discussions and tips on how to plan for and properly license Oracle to fit  business needs to ensure you get maximum value out of your investment;
  • shows readers how to get support for Oracle on the vSphere platform: Oracle on vSphere is arguably supported in a way that’s even better than what is available when running Oracle on physical infrastructure alone.

“I’m always amazed at what we’ve been able to accomplish with these tools, as they continue to mature, the future looks very bright,” concludes Williams.

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