Four Seasons Unveils Exclusive Collection of 2016 Private Jet Itineraries

November 14, 2014 9:54 am

Four Seasons Unveils Exclusive Collection of 2016 Private Jet Itineraries

Four Seasons Unveils Exclusive Collection of 2016 Private Jet Itineraries

Four Seasons Unveils Exclusive Collection of 2016 Private Jet Itineraries


Toronto, Canada, 14 November, 2014:Following the overwhelming response to the launch of the 2015 Private Jet experiences, Four Seasons is pleased to announce the launch of four new Private Jet itineraries for 2016. Featuring reimagined versions of the perennial favourite Around the World journeys, this collection of Private Jet escapes includes two completely new experiences built around the themes of adventure and cultural exploration in keeping with the evolving needs of discerning guests who seek to create memorable moments while in search of unique and exclusive adventure.

“The launch of the hotel industry’s first fully-branded Private Jet earlier this year was in response to the growing demand amongst modern luxury travellers for a fully immersive Four Seasons experience both in the air and on the ground,” said Christopher W. Norton, Executive Vice President, Global Product and Operations at Four Seasons. “Our new 2016 itineraries offer guests the opportunity to experience new and exciting destinations while enjoying the uncompromised luxury and customized service they have come to expect from Four Seasons.”

While on their journey, guests will enjoy the finest of everything – from legendary Four Seasons service, remarkable itineraries, inspired cuisine and Dom Pérignon Champagne. As the exclusive Champagne provider aboard the Private Jet, passengers will enjoy the latest vintage from one of the world’s finest wine makers.

“Dom Pérignon and Four Seasons have always shared a commitment to quality and a meticulous attention to detail,” said Trent Fraser, Vice President, Dom Pérignon. “As the official champagne of the Private Jet Experience, we hope guests will enjoy toasting with Dom Pérignon during their journey of a lifetime.”

Here’s a glimpse at what awaits Four Seasons Private Jet passengers in 2016:

Timeless Discoveries: An Around the World Journey (January 26 – February 18)

Los Angeles – Kona – Bora Bora – Sydney – Bali – Chiang Mai – Taj Mahal and Mumbai – Prague – London

This signature Four Seasons Private Jet itinerary has become a classic favourite amongst guests. A sell out many times over, the 2016 itinerary introduces a stop in Prague, Czech Republic in addition toother favourite iconic locations around the globe from the breathtaking beaches of Bora Bora to the majestic beauty of the Taj Mahal. Guests will enjoy the thrill of some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities and the tranquil beauty of the most stunning landscapes nature has to offer.

International Intrigue: An Around the World Journey (April 14 – May 7)

Seattle – Tokyo – Beijing – Maldives – Serengeti – Istanbul – St. Petersburg – Marrakech – Boston

Spanning eight countries and four continents, this itinerary takes guests to some of the world’s most unique and intriguing destinations. From the stunning landscapes and lush, untamed nature of the Serengeti, to the opulence of St. Petersburg and the beautiful Maldives, known as the “last paradise on earth”, guests traverse the globe in Four Seasons luxury both in the air and on the ground.

Extraordinary Adventures: An Around the World Journey (September 17 – October 11)

Austin – Costa Rica – Hawaii – Sydney – Langkawi – Mauritius – Serengeti – Petra and the Dead Sea – Lisbon

This brand new itinerary caters to the adventurous spirit. With an increasing demand for adventure travel, we’ve created an itinerary for the thrill-seeker at heart without compromising on legendary Four Seasons luxury. This exciting journey includes everything from rock climbing in Malaysia, to zip-lining in Costa Rica and surfing in Hawaii. Seven of the nine stops on this itinerary are entirely new to the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience. Be among the first to experience adventure in a way only Four Seasons can deliver.

Cultural Escape: Europe, Middle East and Africa (November 4 – 22)

London – Petra and the Dead Sea – Dubai – Seychelles – Serengeti – Florence – London

Featuring perhaps the most diverse and intriguing collection of destinations of all Private Jet itineraries, including the beautiful Seychelles – a perennial guest favourite, this journey allows guests to immerse themselves in the distinct cultures of one of the most fascinating areas of the world. Departing from cosmopolitan London, guests travel to the lost city of Petra, imposing in its grandeur, as well as visiting the lowest point on earth and experience the healing properties of the magnificent Dead Sea. This juxtaposed with a grand finale in Florence, the birthplace of renaissance culture, art and architecture before a return to London.

Starting at $100,000 USD, each journey includes air travel aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet and ground transportation, planned excursions, all meals throughout the trip and luxurious accommodations exclusively at Four Seasons hotels and resorts.

To learn more visit four and follow the #FSJet hashtag on Twitter and Instagram for the latest news, updates and insider glimpses of the Four Seasons Jet.b

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