Shopping made easy as retail therapy is redefined by Spotalert

November 25, 2014 6:32 pm

Shopping made easy as retail therapy is redefined by Spotalert

DUBAI,UAE–25TH November 2014: Spotalert a revolutionary new digital platform which enables a retailer to connect with the consumer like never before was given its global debut in the Middle East and North Africa at the  Consumer Engagement Technology Conference being held at the Sofitel Jumeira Dubai.

Essentially a ‘content concierge’ concept, Spotalert is special because not only does it provide tailored information to the consumer based on their profile. With strict security protocols – only demographical, statistical and trend-based data is shared – a consumer’s identity is never compromised. Content delivered to the smartphone is individually filtered yet non-intrusive, building consumer loyalty and trust.

“The technology behind Spotalert has been in development for under a year, with continuous improvement. Today we are proud to say that it works beyond expectations and is being announced “said Sanu Kuruvilla Raju a founding partner of Spotalert

The founders of Spotalert have announced the platform against the backdrop of the Consumer Engagement Technology Conference.  “The attendees of the event are the most discerning, qualified and technically savvy group of executives involved in retail in the region.  The platform’s positive response is testimony to the fact that such a platform is not only required but also addresses the most important needs of brands and consumers. “ added co-founder Paul Poulose.

Highly versatile, Spotalert is easy for retailers to operate, with minimal input time required. A dedicated team curates and manages content, often in real time, for the retailer, ensuring the highest quality offering at all times.

The retailers also have, through Spotalert, an array of data at their fingertips. Dashboards enable patterns of consumer behaviour to be identified, studied and interpreted, allowing strategic marketing campaigns to be formulated and crucial business decisions to be made.

Spotalert also provides the consumer with an all-new experience too. The content they receive on their phone is generated in real time based not only on stored profile data, but also on their immediate location and shopping requirements narrowed down to as little as one metre.

Surveys show that nearly 70 per cent of shoppers in western countries use their mobile phones in the mall, retail outlets or other spaces to search for information related to their location. Following on, almost three quarters of people can be directed to a sale in a store if they are made aware of an offer while there.

“Given the growing dependence on smart phone use in this region, the potential is enormous.” adds co-founder Srusti Ranjan.

The company will deploy a proof of concept among MENA retailers during Q1, 2015, with a view to rolling it out to consumers by Q2 2015. “The platform will then be rolled out to industries such as aviation, transportation, hospitality and events in due course, and contribute a key role in the creation of “very smart cities’ and the “Internet of Things” in the Middle East” concludes Sanu Kuruvilla Raju.

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