Crackdown On Online Immoral Trade

June 9, 2013 2:38 pm

Crackdown On Online Immoral Trade

DOHA 9th June 2013: Law enforcement officials, in close coordination with a key anti-human trafficking body here, have tracked down a number of international websites that are promoting sex trade in Qatar, says a local Arabic newspaper.

There is a group of girls with foreign passports in Qatar, who are involved in the suspected immoral trade, the daily said.

The websites make announcements about the girls citing their contact details and say they are “available”, according to the daily.

Al Arab said it recently held a seminar on the efforts made by the Qatar Foundation for Combating Human Trafficking (QFCHT) in its fight against the social menace. Senior officials from the Ministry of Interior’s Search and Follow-Up Department were also invited and it was during talks at the event that officials from both, the Interior Ministry and the anti-human trafficking office, made the startling disclosure about a number of global websites trying to promote sex trade in the country.

These websites are run by highly skilled information technology (IT) professionals who, the daily claimed, were able to breach security systems of websites.

In other words, the operators of the rackets are able to send pop-ups of their immoral promos providing active links to the various websites so anyone surfing any website is able to sight them.

The Peninsula tried to locate some such sites and it tracked at least two. On one, single women based in Doha, obviously all foreigners, were openly soliciting enquiries from single or separated men for “friendship”.

The websites carry photographs of the women with age and contact details. A similar website which seems to be dedicated to men based in Qatar soliciting “friendship” with women cites men seeking “secret fun” with women, including housewives.

A look at both the websites reveals that nearly all advertisers are single—having never married or separated—and such statuses are talked of by the advertisers with gusto.

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