Saudi prince describes Qatar as “nothing more than 300 people and a TV channel”

August 30, 2013 1:31 pm

Saudi prince describes Qatar as “nothing more than 300 people and a TV channel”

Doha 30th August 2013 :A Saudi prince allegedly ridiculed the state of Qatar, describing it as “only 300 people and a television channel”, according to a media report from U.S., which has drawn a stinging rebuke from the country, emphasizing stresses between the two states over clashing foreign policies.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan, a veteran Saudi ambassador to Washington who is coordinating Saudi aid to the rebels, had said at a meeting last summer that Qatar was “nothing more than 300 people … and a TV channel”, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Even though Qatar and Saudi are in the Gulf Cooperation Council political-military bloc, both have a large number of dissimilarities. While Qatar supports Islamists in Arab Spring revolts elsewhere, Riyadh is opposing them.

Qatar Foreign Minister Khaled al-Attiya wrote in his twitter message “One Qatari citizen is worth an entire people and the Qatari people are equal to an entire nation. This is what we tell our sons, with all respect to the others.”

The message was re-tweeted by more than 600 people in the first few hours, after a “hashtag insulting to Qatar (Qatar 300 people and a (TV) channel” spread on social media.

Qatar’s Foreign Ministry confirmed the account belonged to Attiya but declined to make further comment. But there were no immediate response from Saudi officials.

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