Regular bedtime routine can prevent sleep difficulties, Says HMC expert

September 2, 2013 2:03 pm

Regular bedtime routine can prevent sleep difficulties, Says HMC  expert

Doha 02nd September 2013: A regular bedtime routine for kids can support prevent sleep disorders, ensuring a child gets enough rest required for their growth and development, says Dr Ibrahim Ahmad Al Janahi, Senior Consultant and Deputy Head of Paediatrics at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).

He has emphasized the significance of sleep and said a bedtime routine, for example giving children a bath each night indicates them that it’s time to sleep.

“It is preferable to start this routine from the bathroom or the living room and it should end in the bedroom,” HMC expert explains.

“A bedtime routine could include washing the child’s face and hands and brushing his or her teeth. Some children also like to say goodnight to their family members or to have their favourite toys or items placed around them each night. It is important that children feel good about their bedrooms and space. Parents need to help their children ‘wind down’ before bedtime and a good way to do this is reading a story to them,” he added.

The hours of sleep a child requires changes with respect to their age and other factors.  Babies aged 1-2 months require 14 to 18 hours sleep per day. Those who aged 1-2 years require 12 hours. 8-12 year old children require 8 hours sleep and teenagers around 10 hours, according to Dr. Al Janahi.

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