Qatar: The spirit of Independence

September 4, 2013 1:45 pm

Qatar The spirit of Independence

Doha 04th September 2013 : Qatar acquired its independence from the United Kingdom on 3rd September 1971. September 3rd used to be celebrated as a national holiday in the country until the government declared that the day will be changed, marking Dec. 18 as Qatar National Day. This new observance dwarfed the other as it was the day when the Qatari people, lead by the Al Thanis, defeated the Turkish Empire in battle. 

Today, after 42 years of Independence, Qatar has become one of the most powerful countries in the Arab world.

Qatar became a founding member of the Gulf Cooperation Council in 1981 May. One of our most illustrious achievements was the establishment of the satellite television station Al Jazeera,  on November 1, 1996.  Qatar has also been selected as host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and became the first Arab nation to organize such a prestigious event. The beginning of the Arab Spring led to intensified diplomatic activity by Qatar. The country has empowered the struggles of the citizens in  Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia by supporting popular pro-democratic movements in these countries. 

Although its primary source of income is still Oil and Natural Gas,  Qatar’s leaders have developed the nation’s Infrastructure, Services and Tourism sectors among others with a unique vision that have helped the nation make giant strides along the path to educational, economic and social development. 

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