Qatar’s first satellite reaches geostationary orbit

September 13, 2013 12:11 pm

Qatar’s first satellite reaches geostationary orbit

Doha 13th September 2013: Eutelsat Communications and EshailSat have announced that their jointly owned satellite EUTELSAT 25B/Eshail 1, launched last month, has reached geostationary orbit with all solar arrays and communications antennas deployed.

Currently, the satellite is subjected to a series of in-orbit tests managed by Eutelsat from its Rambouillet teleport, near Paris.

Eutelsat and EshailSat schedule to start the service of the satellite at 25.5 East at the end of next month. EUTELSAT 25B/Eshail 1 is intended to provide services to broadcasters, businesses and public agencies in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia through the capacity in the Ku and Ka-bands.

It will replace the Eutelsat 25C satellite at the key 25.5 East position to give better geographic coverage and expanded capacity to address dynamically growing digital markets.

EshailSat, is an independent company which started as the Qatar Satellite Company in 2010. Eshail 1, the Qatar’s first satellite was successfully launched in to space on 29th August 2013.   Eshail 1 will improve TV, data, voice, Internet, corporate and government services across the Gulf.

Es’hail also plans to launch Eshail 2 by the end 2016-17 for giving back-up capacity to Eshail 1. It will broadcast from 26 degrees east.


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