Qatar Red Crescent extends support for Palestinian people

October 26, 2013 11:16 am

Qatar Red Crescent extends support for Palestinian people

Doha 26th October 2013: Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) in cooperation with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), other institutions, partners and donors in Qatar and across the world, has initiated many sustainable development projects in Palestine with the aim to make the lives of Palestinian people better.

QRC Secretary-General Saleh al Muhannadi said that the support is extended to all entities that are committed to contribute to make needy people’s lives better. He said: “QRC, found this commitment at the Palestinian Red Crescent as they were keen on witnessing the continuity of development aid projects and relief to needy Palestinians. Our implemented projects in Palestine are divided into four key sectors – health, water and sanitation, education and disability.”

Qatar Red Crescent works on establishment and maintenance of hospital buildings and infrastructure, supply of medical equipment and devices, rehabilitation of local medical staff, scholarships for Palestinian doctors, the dispatch of medical teams and the creation of specialised medical centres to improve the Palestinian health sector.

QRC’s works in the water and sanitation area include the establishment and maintenance of drinking water wells, construction of water and sewage networks, establishment and maintenance of water pumping stations and sewage treatment plants and rehabilitation of drinking water.

In the education field, QRC contributes to the maintenance and rehabilitation of institutions of higher education, education and medical scholarships.

QRC also aims at improving the lives of people with disability. The work in this area includes improving disability services and providing psychiatric and psychological support to people with hearing impairments and visual disability.

QRC has accomplished several development projects Gaza Strip in cooperation with PRCS, including the establishment of a Department of Internal Rehabilitation at Amal Hospital in Khan Yunis. It also carried out projects to develop diagnostic services at PRCS’s Deir al-Balah centre.

The projects implemented in the West Bank includes the development of educational and rehabilitation services in PRCS centres and schools for the deaf, aiding around 220 students, parents of students and staff at three schools in Al Bira, Nablus and Bani Naim in Hebron.

QRC implemented projects worth QR2,315,012 in the city of Jerusalem, including an innovative project to provide a motorcycle ambulance.

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