“Humane” accommodation for 2022 World Cup construction workers

November 23, 2013 10:10 am

“Humane” accommodation for 2022 World Cup construction workers

Doha 23rd November 2013: Quantex Qatar, a building consultancy set up by two British quantity surveyors is to build “humane” accommodation for 2022 World Cup construction workers in the country.

Quantex Qatar is founded by former Doha-based Davis Langdon partners Simon Trafford and Neil Hamilton 18 months ago. The new housing is to be built in collaboration with US company Global Building Solutions to accommodate the rapidly increasing construction workforce in Qatar.

The proposed workers’ village will feature dignified and humane conditions including plumbing, electricity, catering, health centres, shops, recreational areas and psychologists’ consulting rooms for more than 50,000 migrant construction workers, according to Quantex Qatar.

“We have formed a joint venture to deliver modern, clean and humane workers’ villages for the market in Qatar. We will build and operate the facilities at our cost, and will simply rent them out on a contract basis,” said Michael Murphy, chief executive of GBS.

According to Simon Trafford of Quantex Qatar, the new accommodation is designed to improve the lives of the migrant workers who are fundamental to the success of 2022 world cup.

Currently, there are 600,000 to 800,000 migrant workers are in Qatar and there is an additional requirement of 500,000 to 1 million workers to build the £4bn of World Cup stadiums and £200bn of supporting infrastructure and facilities needed by 2022, it is estimated.

The new accommodation will be semi-prefabricated in Saudi Arabia and the first units are expected to become available by April 2014.

“Qatar takes the allegations that have been made concerning the construction sector extremely seriously and has therefore already put an independent review into those allegations in place, to be conducted as a matter of the utmost urgency,” the Qatar foreign ministry said earlier.

“Qatar will deal severely with any abuses on the part of companies operating in its construction sector, particularly relating to its migrant labour force,” the ministry added.

 “It’s easy to say all the responsibilities lie on FIFA. No, no, we are part of this responsibility,” FIFA president  Sepp Blatter told a press conference in Rome on Friday.

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