New highway patrolling team to start work next year

November 24, 2013 10:50 am

New highway patrolling team to start work next year

Doha 24th November 2013:  The Traffic Department is planning to deploy a specially trained highway patrol police team to monitor highways across Qatar for improving road safety.  The new force will start work in 2014. The department is also planning to introduce radar and lidar, a device used to monitor speed using laser.

It was announced on Thursday during the graduation ceremony of the first batch of the force comprising 50 officers and cadets held at the headquarters of the Traffic Department.

The initiative was organised in collaboration between the Ministry of Interior  and RasGas in the to  ensure responsible and safe driving. The training programme was implemented by the Northwestern University, Chicago.

The patrolling team has received specialised training in enforcing traffic laws and booking common violations like tailgating, use of mobile phones, exceeding speed limits and not wearing seat belts. The officers also acquired advanced skills in  investigation of accidents, modern methods to interrogate drivers, preservation of evidence and making specialised reports on accidents.

The new force would support the MoI’s efforts in road safety, said Traffic Department director Brigadier Mohammed Saad Al Kharji.

“The new force will monitor and enforce road safety measures on highways. It includes monitoring speed limit, keeping space between vehicles and handling accidents and emergency situations,” he said.

The trainees got theoretical and practical lessons on controlling traffic movement on highways, safe parking and stopping of vehicles on highways as well as training on dealing with the public, added al Kharji.

There is a plan to install cameras on patrolling vehicles to detect speeding cars. These cameras can take pictures of the erring vehicles even when the patrolling team is on the move, he added.

He thanked RasGas and said the move would play a proactive role in reducing traffic accidents.

National Committee for Traffic Safety (NCTS) secretary Brig Mohamed Abdullah al-Maliki said the initiative came as part of NCTS and thanked RasGas and Northwestern University for their support for the initiative

Traffic safety adviser at MoI Ademola Ilori and  Brett Doherty, safety, health, environment & quality chief officer, RasGas, RasGas public affairs manager  Abdulla Hashim, Security & Emergency services manager Faisal al-Hajiri, road safety adviser John Cling, safety systems head Jive Price, road safety training head at Northwestern University,  Antony Patila also attended the ceremony.


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