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February 24, 2014 7:15 pm

Qatar Chronicle - Immigration Reform

As people who arrive to a strange place with no land, family or connections, immigrants are some of the most vulnerable people in any given community.

South Carolina, 22nd February 2014: Late last month, House Republicans in the US released standards that will guide their efforts as they move forward on immigration reform. Religious leaders across the nation has now  joined voices from the business and law enforcement communities to strongly support this step.

They have urged the public to applaud any progress toward a solution for one of the western nation’s most complex and critical issues. With President Barack Obama’s comments in the State of the Union address, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ mention in her Republican response, and now the release of these standards, bipartisan support for immigration reform is clear, they said.

In a time of bitter division and partisan politics, the religious leaders have called on the nation’s leaders to transcend their differences and pass commonsense, broad reform that will strengthen the economy and make the nation safer.

“We must give undocumented neighbors an opportunity to come out of the shadows and earn legal status. Hardworking and contributing members of our society live in constant fear of deportation, the victimization of individuals and families goes unreported, and families are torn apart as American-citizen children lose one or both parents to deportation proceedings. Striking a middle ground between the extreme positions of mass deportation and open borders, we join with House Republicans in advocating for a middle ground where those without documentation can come out of the shadows, make restitution, and get right with the law.”, said Rev. Ricky Eason.

“Although we come from communities with different cultural and political perspectives, we stand united in our commitment to  welcome and love the strangers in our midst and seek justice in our communities. Such an approach is very different from amnesty, which is the absence of legal consequences. Instead, this realistic approach would allow undocumented immigrants to admit culpability and pay their debt to society without separating or harming families or causing undue harm to our nation’s economy.” commented Rev. Jim Goodroe.

“While undocumented immigrants are often mis-characterized or used abstractly in political arguments, we know these people personally as our neighbors, friends, and brothers and sisters. Immigration reform is an urgent need — inaction carries a profound human cost” added Rev. Greg Castillo.

America now stands at a critical crossroad. The broken and antiquated immigration system in the country has precipitated an economic and moral crisis that can be ignored no longer.

The religious leaders known as the ‘Three Amigos’, who represent three biggest religious denominations in the region believe that the US Congress has moved one step closer to a solution that will protect the border, help grow the economy, and provide an opportunity for undocumented immigrants to earn legal status and fully participate in the community.

Along with other religious leaders from across America, they earnestly pray for Congress to overcome its doubts and keep moving toward a legislation for immigration reform in 2014.

Source: Greenville Online

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