Gas cylinder explosion killed four people in Doha

February 27, 2014 1:43 pm

Gas cylinder explosion killed four people in Doha

Doha 27th February 2014: A “gas cylinder” explosion killed four people in Doha today. The footage of the explosion had been broadcasted on state television portraying a huge blast followed by fire. 

Reports say that blast was happened shortly after 10 a.m. near the Landmark Mall. “The blast happened at the Istanbul Restaurant. All roads leading to the scene have been shut down,” said The Ministry of Interior said on its official Twitter feed.

Footage showed pictures of damaged cars and smoke rising from near a gas station close to the shopping center. Injured bystanders were seen being wheeled to ambulances on stretchers while police officers examined the scene and paramedics carrying a covered body past rubble strewn some 50 metres away from the building, whose roof had caved in. Pictures of several damaged cars were posted on Twitter.
Police has now cordoned off the area.


The HMC Blood Donor unit has urgently requested for donors of all blood types to help save the injured. The facility situated at Hamad Medical Corporation near Sports Roundabout, and can be contacted on 44391081 or 44391082. We urge all eligible donors among our Readers to reach HMC at the numbers indicated. 

Initial reports suggest the fire was caused by a gas cylinder explosion. 

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