Doha food stores raided to enforce health & safety regulations during Eid festivities

July 30, 2014 1:00 pm

Doha food stores raided to enforce health & safety regulations during Eid festivities

DOHA: FOOD inspectors continued with their raid procedures during Eid Al Fitr holiday on Tuesday to ensure that all food establishments are strictly adhering to health requirements and norms stipulated by food laws.

The inspectors’ campaign focused on fast-food restaurants and food establishments in general as well as meat shops, owing to the high number of footfalls in these facilities during Eid.

Inspectors also conducted their  check in pastry shops and bakeries to prevent the presence of any microbial contamination, noting that these shops witness a large turnout of children during Eid.

The Doha Municipality has deployed a working team to receive all complaints throughout the Eid Al Fitr holiday, inviting the public to contact the ministry for their remarks on the food establishment through a call centre number ˜44266666′. Public can also contact them through their social networking sites.

Dr Ammar al Baroudi, an official of the Meat Control Unit at Doha Municipality, had reported on Monday that the unit has disposed of four slaughtered sheep for being ill and unfit for human consumption.

Consequently, owners of these sheep have been granted a certificate from competent authorities so that their sheep can be replaced by the traders.

The municipality official noted that the meat inspections are carried out in two phases. The first one is examining the sheep before being slaughtered and exclude it if found ill. While the second is examining the slaughtered sheep, after skinning, and exclude it entirely or partially in case of damage or disease is found in any of its parts.

Many citizens and residents have expressed their appreciation to the municipality for their ongoing role in the inspection campaign.


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