Curtain Showroom destroyed in devastating fire in Salwa Road

August 10, 2014 11:22 am

Curtain Showroom destroyed in devastating fire in Salwa Road

A building housing in the Al Sharq curtain showroom near the Decoration signal on the Salwa Road was destroyed in a devastating fire yesterday evening.

The fire started around 7pm. There were no reports of injuries. The store was closed on account of being Friday, the weekly off day.

Fire-fighters managed to prevent the flames from spreading to adjacent buildings. A petrol station is located less then 100m away. The cause of the blaze was yet to be ascertained.

The affected store,  Al Sharq Curtain Shop, is located between Studio Qatar and an under-construction building. Teyseer Service Centre, the fuel station, is just two buildings away. “It was a close call,” said a security guard working at an adjacent establishment, referring to the fuel station.

The guard, who asked not to be named, told Qatar Chronicle that he had noticed the flames around 7pm on the ground floor of the curtain shop. Initially, three fire trucks arrived on the scene, he said.

The flames spread quickly to the rear portion of the building and three more fire engines arrived at the spot, he added.

Traffic was affected on the Salwa Road for a while after the fire broke out. Police responded immediately to the situation and diverted traffic to safer routes. They also cordoned off the area as a precautionary measure.  The Ministry of Interior said on Twitter that Civil Defence personnel were “cooling the site” and there were no injuries.

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