Ministry distributes 43,500 meals at West End Park, Doha

December 20, 2014 12:13 pm

Ministry distributes 43,500 meals at West End Park, DohaThe Ministry of Interior (MoI) has distributed a total of 43,500 food packets in connection with Qatar National Day celebrations at West End Park.

MoI has organisedĀ cultural programmes as well as a cricket tournament and thousands of spectators gathered at the venue to watch . Four community schools and six cricket teams representing different countries participated in the event.

The co-ordinator of food arrangements, Abdul Aziz, said food was supplied to most of the people who were present at the venue.

ā€œWe had set up a separate tent for serving food. We served breakfast, lunch and dinner for most of the visitors. We had 12,000 packets of food for breakfast, 15,000 for lunch and 16,500 for dinner. We provided food for everyone, including spectators, participants of the programmes, teachers and officials,ā€ he explained.

Adil Hussain Abdulla from the General Directorate of Traffic at the MoIĀ  said the event at West End Park was a resounding success. ā€œWe are happy about the day and happy to see several thousands of people attending the event. This occasion is not just for Qataris alone, but for all residents of the country.

ā€œPeople from all walks of life are participating in the event. The ministry and the traffic department are very happy to be part of the team. Every community is organising their programmes and we are here to show our solidarity with the residents and support them in all their activities,ā€ he added.

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