Physically challenged Muslims may face prejudice in their own society – by Nader Sabry

July 14, 2014 7:28 pm

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52% of Muslims worldwide suffer from knee pain.  TIMEZ5 Global Inc., the world’s first Muslim health and wellness innovation company, has spent over 5 years and invested in R&D continuously on the topic. R&D unit of the company, TIMEZ5 Labs, headed by an ex-NASA scientist had made a startling discovery that those who meditate regularly have a different physical composition.

7 years ago, I wasn’t aware of that; yet I had made an observation that forever changed my goals in life.   An elderly man was praying in a public place but wasn’t physically fit to do so.  His facial expression carried emotions I had never seen before.  That emotional state triggered groundbreaking questions:

-        Why would someone be so dedicated regardless of his or her lack of health?

-        What keeps the devoted going, physically and spiritually?

-        Do those who pray have a different physical and spiritual composition to those who don’t and why and how?

This questioning lead to a lifetime commitment to develop the physio-spiritual experience: science and spiritually blending into modern day technology and design but governed by rituals.

The end result was the first of a series of innovations called the TIMEZ5 prayer mat, the world’s first physiological prayer mat. It helps cope with knee and joints pain, get a better posture and increase energy and mental focus thanks to its design and space technology material.

Nonetheless, all the technology, innovations and awards aside, a silent discrimination had emerged. We had seen an overwhelming disregard to physically challenged people in the Muslim community.

Let me share a story with you. A mid aged man from an Arabic country had been referred to me through a friend two years ago. He was suffering from chronic knee problems and heard about our technology. So through a brief introduction we got to know each other and he explained to me his motivation for using our technology.  To my surprise it was about him fighting off a bad reputation at his local mosque that he’s lazy and old.  He further added that often members of the congregation would tell him to just stay home and ask why he was there.

Our technology was his way to fight back.  But even deeper than that was the issue of no respect, recognition or compassion to those who suffer from a physical challenge. He purchased several mats later and I reached out to him.  Strangely enough he sparked a cultural movement in his local mosque.  Others in the same situation also wanted to avoid being alienated from the congregation. He gave the mats as gifts to them so he had his crew of supporters.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only case. We have seen several other customers doing the same thing in comparable situations.

A few months later in the same country a young blogger had written an article about how her teenage son is being discriminated against because of his physical challenges. She wrote about our technology and how it helped to break this cultural barrier.  She tackled the topic head on for the first time. Her online followers echoed this salient discrimination, carrying her voice forward since several others also faced the same problem.

Often we lose sight of the great blessings we have and seem to frown upon those who are challenged. However, the reality is half of our own relatives are suffering from knee pain right now and a third from back and neck pain.

This silent discrimination is preventing the concerned individuals from getting the help they need, prevent our communities from progressing and goes against our core values as Muslims. Next time you see someone physically challenged stop and help them and accept them as you would your own.

At TIMEZ5 we are dedicated to using innovation to help Muslims with physical challenges lead a healthy and normal life.  Our innovation systems use a blend of technology and design to delivery superior solutions.

About the Author

            Nader Sabry is the CEO and Founder of TIMEZ5 Global Inc. and Managing Partner at McGill Consulting Group. He has successfully secured venture capital for numerous start-ups of his own and helped create and build some of the most rapidly expanding companies.
Sabry has also advised governments on national strategies/policies, economic development, and reform programs. He formerly positions including head of innovation and thought leadership at A.T. Kearney, director of strategy for the Dubai Foreign Investment Office, Chief strategist of the Dubai Economic Development Department, among several others in strategic leadership.

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