What would you like to tell travelers about Qatar?

October 22, 2013 9:36 am

What would you like to tell travelers about Qatar

Doha 22nd October 2013:  Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) announced yesterday the launch of “My Qatar” to ask Qatari people the question, “What would you like to tell travelers about Qatar?”.

The public initiative, which runs for 9 days concluding on October 30, aims at involving Qatari citizens and residents in the development of a destination brand campaign authentic to the best qualities and features of the country.  A destination brand includes the aspirations and dream of a tourist destination. It tells the traveler about the place they represent, what they can expect on visiting the place and helps them to choose other destination.

To take part in the competition, participants need to answer three questions on the website of Qatar Tourism Authority, www.qatartourism.- gov.qa/MyQatar. The winners of the competition will be selected based on the answers obtained and one lucky contributor will win a luxury experience in Qatar and can select four friends or family members to share the experience.

The singular prize will be a 4 day luxury holiday in the country including a 5-star accommodation for the winner and three people suggested by the winner. The daily activities included in the prize are: A trip to the mangroves in Northern Qatar and beach barbeque on day 1; A historical tour with a historian of the ancient rock formations, abandoned fishing village and Al Zubara Fort on day 2; an aerial tour of Qatar, along with a trip to the Inland Sea with lunch and dinner in the desert on day 3; and a personalized tour of active exhibitions across Qatar’s museums on day 4.

QTA’s Marketing Director, Rashed Al Qurese, said “Through the My Qatar initiative we aim to engage people living in Qatar to help define the authentic identity of our country. This is a wonderful opportunity for us at QTA to listen to the ideas of people and build Qatar’s destination brand together.”

“Whether you are a national or expatriate who is above the age of 18, the “My Qatar” initiative is open to everyone living in Qatar. It is time to invite the world to Qatar’s shores, and who better to contribute to the concept than the people who make up the country?” Al Qurese added.

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