Al Jazeera to launch ‘Darfur: harvest of the crisis after a decade’

November 1, 2013 12:14 pm

Al Jazeera to launch ‘Darfur harvest of the crisis after a decade’

Doha 1st November 2013: Al Jazeera Centre for Studies is to launch a new book on Darfur crisis on the sidelines of a two day international conference “Africa: Dynamics of Conflict, Promises of Renaissance” which will starts tomorrow at The St Regis Doha.

The book Darfur: hasaad al-azma ba’d a’qdin mina azzaman (Darfur: harvest of the crisis after a decade)’ is co-authored by 12 specialised researchers. It is co-edited by Dr Abdul Wahab al-Effendi and Dr Sidi Ahmed Ould Ahmed Salem.

It brings up the Darfur crisis as one of the crises of the African continent, focusing various important issues. The book represents the network’s ambition to create research platforms and venues for the sharing of ideas and in-depth debates on issues related to Arab and African people.

The book provides an integrated concept of the Darfur crisis, probing its roots, searching the reality that has came out over the past decade and tracing the dynamics and consequences of this situation. It provides details on overall crisis experienced by the Sudanese people concerning legitimacy.

The in-depth analyses of the crisis proved precise and objective, providing a general review of the peace efforts. It also provides a deep analysis of the internal, external and structural factors that have influenced the path of the conflicts. Based on these research and analyses, the book offers suggestions that might give a quick solution to this long-running crisis.

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