Scientists take the internet underwater

October 17, 2013 5:23 am

 Scientists take the internet underwater

Scientists have tested under water wireless internet for deep sea communication. A recent study carried out at University of Buffalo, New York revealed that the technology could help detect tsunamis, offering more reliability to early warning systems.

Researchers aim at creating an agreed standard for underwater communications, allowing it easier to perform interaction and data-sharing.

Unlike normal wi-fi, which uses radio waves, the underwater wi- fi technology relies on sound waves. Radio waves are capable of penetrating water, but with limited range and stability. Sound waves provide a better option.

Scientists submerged two 40-pound sensors into the water of Lake Erie, just south of downtown Buffalo, NewYork and then communicated with them wirelessly through a laptop.

“A submerged wireless network will give us an unprecedented ability to collect and analyze data from our oceans in real time,” Tommaso Melodia, a University of Buffalo associate professor of electrical engineering and the project’s lead researcher, said.

“Making this information available to anyone with a smartphone or computer, especially when a tsunami or other type of disaster occurs, could help save lives,” added Tommaso Melodia.

Current underwater communication technology, like that used by the Navy and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA is based on sound waves.  They utilise acoustic waves to send data from tsunami sensors on the sea floor to buoys on the surface.

More details of the study will be presented at a conference for underwater networking, which held in Taiwan in November.

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