Does Qatar deserve the 2022 World Cup – The Conclusion

March 29, 2013 6:57 pm

Does Qatar deserve the 2022 World Cup – The Conclusion


Yes We Do !!!

“Nobody’s perfect, sometimes in the pursuit of their ambitions the media forgets its ethics and crosses moral boundaries… and sometimes they go so far past that line that (as my hero - Joey puts it) ‘The line is a dot to them’ ” – Bila Safar

Now I know that Aani’s going to kill me for giving the straight answer, and especially so when its not one she’d agree with. What with all her journalism rhetoric on how we are always expected to be objective and take an outside perspective into all matters. Read the previous part of the article -

But what about the reverse happening? Isn’t it possible that we the journalism society in Qatar and the Arab world have been so focussed on covering the news from a ‘neutral’ perspective that we are overcompensating for our roots. That in our quest to report the truth impartially, we are simply playing into the hands of malevolent forces seeking to foil Qatar’s bid with their negative

The majority of the news surrounding the so called 2022 conspiracy is from the international English media based in the U.K. and U.S. The fact that both these nations had unsuccessfully bid for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups should in itself disqualify them as fair judges. I remember so vividly that the very next day after FIFA President Sepp Blatter had announced Qatar as the winner, the media
in the U.S. (who lost to us in the final round of the bid) were furious, exploring one line of criticism after another – from Qatar’s riches to its low population until finally, a recipe for scandal emerged and all it took was for somebody to cry ‘Wolf !’


Does Qatar deserve the 2022 World Cup

In fact, very few even remember one of the first controversies surrounding Qatar’s 2022 bid. On 30 th May 2011, former FIFA Vice President – Jack Warner who had been suspended for ethics violations leaked an email from FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke suggesting that Qatar had “bought” the rights to host the World Cup. Valcke subsequently issued a statement of apology denying that he suggested bribery of any kind and saying that he merely meant that Qatar had made sound use of their financial prowess to showcase their out-of-the-world bid. It’s funny how the ‘Capitalist’ west is trying to derail Qatar’s bid with desperate ‘Commie’ calls of “Oh! They’re rich; there must be some foul play involved”.

Even more interesting is the fact that even though the whistleblower of the allegations was revealed (Phaedta Almajid, a former member of the Qatari campaign trying to exact revenge after being fired) and she apologized for her lies having ‘gone too far’, the media continued to play the same tunes, singing of conspiracy over and over again. And the allegations against Qatar were published even after the retraction.

The recent criticisms of Qatar’s use of slave labour, protests from the LGBT community, the former French President’s involvement and the bribery are all just old wine in new bottles (Oops! almost forgot to mention all that scuttlebutt about alcohol consumption being banned in Qatar) .

Does it even matter that none of these allegations against Qatar have ever been proved? How much longer can the so called International media watchdogs hide their loyalty to their true masters? (They even cooked up a story recently about ‘Sheikhs changing the game’ with a Dream Football League; as reported by QC earlier - Qatar Dream League a “journalistic nightmare” for Times
To sum it up, once you observe facts from the true perspective without being prejudiced one way or another, the answer is pretty straight forward…
Qatar has the money and the resolve to use it best for the greater good of the game. We have the resources and soon to be built ‘Out of this World’ stadiums. We have an efficient and uncorrupted police force, quick response emergency teams and most importantly – a receptive, friendly and open-minded nation of people ready to bend the rules a bit for our dear guests. The rapidly growing tourism sector in the country is a testament to Qatar’s commitment to be the most gracious hosts. As Tamim points out, never in the history of the game has a nation come forward to commit so much effort and resources towards football.

Whether you agree or not, we won the bid fair and square, and the international media can keep throwing their poppycock propaganda at us, but Qatar and the Arab World definitely deserve the opportunity to host the World Cup of the beautiful game.

with lots of love,
Bila Safar

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Bila Safar is a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism. . In addition to occasionally putting pen to paper to express her opinion through our editorials, Bila is QC’s Creative Designer.

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