Former FA chairman: Qatar should re-bid for 2022 world cup

September 8, 2013 1:41 pm

Former FA chairman Qatar should re-bid for 2022 world cup

Former FA chairman David Bernstein shared anxiety over world cup in Qatar during the summer heat. But he is against the plans to switch the tournament to winter.

“You can’t bid on one basis and then switch around without going through the bidding process again. If the bid is deemed to be impossible, and unhealthy for fans, then I think the thing should be rebid for,” said Bernstein, who stepped down in July.

“Qatar should rebid for the tournament and let the United States and Australia – if they wish to – bid against them again. Bidding for a World Cup is a serious business. Lots of funds go into it, national prestige is at stake and people’s careers stand or fall by it.”

He said everybody knew the climate in Qatar and yet the FIFA executive committee accepted the bid.

Bernstein added “You can’t just arbitrarily change from summer to winter. Just to switch doesn’t seem like natural justice. It would have an adverse effect on the Premier League and other major leagues in Europe and not just for one season, but for the seasons either side. It will also affect the international programme. In fact, it would disrupt the whole calendar.”

FIFA President Sepp Blatter last week ­confessed it was a ­mistake to award a ­summer tournament to the desert state like Qatar. Blatter believes next month’s FIFA meeting in Zurich will accept the change to a winter world cup. The Premier League, supported by many leading European clubs, is against that decision.

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  1. Issac September 16, 2013 at 8:56 AM - Reply

    These were not decided earlier by 4yr olds. A proper comittee took this decision and now nobody should be complaining about the decisions made. Live with it and support Qatar for the 2022.

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