Allegations of Corruption framed to tarnish Qatar’s reputation; We are ready to host World Cup in Summer or Winter, says Organizing Committee

July 16, 2014 8:27 pm

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The Qatar 2022 organizing committee has denied the baseless allegations that they gained unfair advantage by bribing FIFA officials.

The 2022 World Cup will take place as planned in Qatar and the country has nothing to hide over allegations of corruption during the bid process, the tournament communications director Nasser Al Khater said on Wednesday.

“We’ve held ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We are confident of how we’ve behaved,” Al Khater said on Al Jazeera television. “We are not worried. The World Cup will take place in Qatar.” Al Khater said his country would comply with the FIFA investigation into possible bid corruption but stressed Qatar had nothing to hide.

Al Khater further criticized the Western media for singling out Qatar although investigations were in progress against other World Cup hosting countries as well.

“Qatar is part of the investigation and so is Russia (2018). The whole process is part of that. It’s unfortunate that people single out Qatar every time they discuss it,” he said.

“These allegations are baseless and riddled with innuendo designed to tarnish the reputation of Qatar’s 2022 Bid Committee,” a spokesperson from the organizing committee had told Reuters earlier this week.

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Sunday Times wrong to Report Link between Qatar 2022 and Mohamed Bin Hammam

In an article about as accurate as their Football Transfer Gossip columns, the Sunday Times newspaper of Britain (one of the countries to lose the 2018 World Cup bid) had reported this month that they supposedly knew about “millions of documents” linking Bin Hammam to the World Cup bid, although they shied away from presenting any concrete evidence to support their case.

“We have nothing to hide … In every aspect of the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup bidding process, we strictly adhered to FIFA’s rules and regulations… Let us be clear: Mr. Bin Hammam is from Qatar, but he was not a member of Qatar’s bid team.” , said the organizing committee spokesperson.

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Responding to questions on the work in progress on the infrastructure for the 2022 World cup, the spokesperson said -

“We are already constructing three stadiums and by the end of the year two more will be in development,” they said. “Our country has demonstrated its support, spending more than $23 billion on transport infrastructure projects alone. And to be clear – we will do this as we advance worker welfare within Qatar.”

The Qatar 2022 Committee’s communications director Nasser Al Khater further added that he expected the Qatar World Cup 2022 to be a celebration and a truly Middle Eastern affair-

“…Our plans won’t change, we are going to be ready whether it is the winter or summer…These two billion people are going to be from various cultures, various ethnicities, various people from different parts of west Asia, the Middle East, north Africa and I think it is going to be rich and vibrant ”.

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