Ice hockey season kicks off in Doha

September 23, 2014 6:50 pm




Ice hockey season kicks off in Doha

Ice hockey season kicks off in Doha

23 September 2014 – Last night, the Qatar Ice Hockey League (QIHL) started its season with a game between Qatar’s national ice hockey team and the CNA-Q Breakers.  Ambassador of Canada to Qatar, André Dubois, and the President of the Qatar Winter Sports Committee, Rashed Majid Al-Sulaiti, dropped the ceremonial first puck between the captains of the two teams.

“Canada has a significant number of its citizens in Qatar, and we’re thrilled that they have been able to share our favourite sport with Qatar’s residents,” said Ambassador Dubois.  “The progress of Qatar’s national team is also astounding.  In several short years, they’ve been able to get to a point where they’re competing on an equal footing with any other team in the league.  It’s simply amazing.”

“As Canadians we are passionate about ice hockey and the league is excited about the growth of the sport in the State of Qatar,” said the Chairman of the QIHL, Jeff Agnew.  “Our league consists of many different nationalities from around the world and includes the Qatar national ice hockey team.  The Qatar national team only joined the league last year however they continued to improve and ended last season as  B division champions, it was amazing to witness.”

At the end, the final score was 5-2, for the CNA-Q Breakers after 48 minutes of furious play.

The QIHL is run completely by volunteers and its season runs from September until May, after which the champion for the year is crowned.  The league is sponsored by the Qatar Winter Sports Committee and the College of the North Atlantic.  For more information on the QIHL, please contact Jeff Agnew at [email protected]

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