Life of a retired F1 Car

October 14, 2014 5:51 pm
Carmudi provides you with an insight into the secret life of a retired F1 racing car

Life of a retired F1 CarLife of a retired F1 Car

14th October 2014, Dubai, UAE – The recent Jules Bianchi crash has sadly reminded fans of how much of an emotional rollercoaster the Formula One (F1) season can actually be for the pilots, teams, and the millions that are glued to their seats at home. Be it victory or defeat, there is however one thing that never changes about F1: every F1 car leaves behind a short lived but very touching story. After the racing season ends, the cars continue their lives as pensioners.

The story of a retired racing car is rarely followed up by the general public. Carmudi, the world’s fastest growing car classifieds, captures the uncovered stories of retired F1 cars after their thrilling racing season on the track. Here is how their retirement scheme looks like:

 I am an object of envy!

 These race cars will go from an action-packed season full of emotion and fast paced racing to a dull life with very little or no action whatsoever. This way of life is the first and most commonly experienced by retired F1 race cars. By showcasing race cars in exhibitions and museums, the interest for both F1 cars and the sport itself is kept alive all year round.

 I come at a Price!

 Automotive collectors desire, now more than ever before, to own an F1 racing car. This has been made possible through the creation of auctions. Some F1 racing teams now give up their collections to be auctioned. Obviously, it costs a great deal. For example, the F1 racing car classic Mercedes Benz W196 “Silver Arrows”, driven by Juan Manuel Fangio in the 1954 racing season was sold at auction for about $29 Million.

 I am buried in debt!

 Some F1 racing teams are unwillingly forced to sell their cars and the trimmings due to large debt build-ups as a result of successive defeats in Formula one racing seasons. An interesting example is the Toyota racing team. Toyota sold its racing car to be used as the official test car for F1 tire giant Pirelli.

 I am for keeps!

 F1 racing teams also sell parts of their racing cars as souvenirs for F1 enthusiasts. The parts are often seeked by enthusiasts for memorabilia collection. Most notably is the use of a F1 steering wheel as a souvenir.

 I am part of a cult!

 McLaren is one of the racing teams that keep a collection of its racing cars. They are housed in a secret warehouse in the UK. The F1 racing team has been active since 1966, maintaining more than 50 McLaren racing cars that have competed in F1. You can find racing cars driven by the top drivers, from the likes of Aryton Senna , Niki Lauda , Alain Prost , Mika Hakkinen , Kimi Raikkonen , Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

 I am part of the Elite!

 In contrast to McLaren, Ferrari racing car actually uses its collection of cars as an attraction in the exclusive club of Ferrari, Ferrari F1 Clienti. This allows the super- wealthy Ferrari lovers to feel the sensation of an F1 racing car!

 So if you are looking for a roaring machine that gives you an adrenaline rush just like F1 machines on the circuit, head over to  or simply download the Carmudi app  to find your car on the go.

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