Russian civil emergency builds camp for illegal migrants

August 2, 2013 2:38 pm

Russian civil emergency builds camp for illegal migrants

Moscow 02nd August 2013 : Russian civil emergencies staff are building a camp to house illegal migrants arrested at a garment factory on Wednesday. They include Vietnamese, Egyptians and Syrians. Vietnamese migrants have been working illegally in Russia’s textile industry for years.

Tents and field kitchens are being built in the north-east of Moscow.

Moscow police have arrested at least 1,000 other people since Monday in addition to the raid on the garment factory. At least 250 have been charged with migration violations.

Those who have arrested were found living in unsanitary conditions in warehouses.

The presence of large numbers of migrants has created social tensions. Major part of Russia’s population is Orthodox Christian. Migrants are predominantly Muslim and they frequently face discrimination. Moscow lacks mosque space.

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Ahmad Diyari Kaashif is a Senior Journalist and Head of the International Bureau at Qatar Chronicle

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