Was Saudi Arabia actually behind the brutal chemical attack in Syria?

August 31, 2013 12:52 am

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Associated Press correspondent Dale Gavlak wrote for the Mint Press News yesterday that Syrians in Ghouta believe Al-Qaeda linked rebels supplied with chemical weapons by Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar bin Sultan were actually responsible for the brutal chemical attack that massacred hundreds of innocent Syrians including children.

While the article makes strong claims as to the supposed motives behind such an attack, it does little to corroborate this story with any actual evidence. Perhaps one of the reason’s Ms. Gavlak’s controversial article was not published under the banner of the illustrious Associated Press, for whom she regularly writes.


Gavlak says in her controversial piece that the article is based on the interviews of several people in Damascus and Ghoutta in Syria.

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While the United States and the majority of the world are not contradicting the held assumption of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, she says, her sources within the rebels believe the chemical weapons were actually used by the rebels and that these were obtained through the Saudi Intelligence Chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan via a known Saudi militant named Abu Ayesha.

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The report goes on to record the comments of a few villagers and rebels in the area – one of them codenamed ‘J’, who says “We were very curious about these arms. And unfortunately, some of the fighters handled the weapons improperly and set off the explosions”. Thereby implying that the Syrian rebels supplied by Saudi Arabia were actually responsible for the attack.

Gavlak cites several other sources, who like her believe that Saudi Arabia’s vested interests were actually behind the use of Chemical weapons in Syria. According the Britain’s ‘The Independent’, it was Saudi Arabia’s intelligence that first brought allegations of use of chemical weapons by President Bashar Al Assad.

The article further claims that the recent alleged chemical attack was part of Saudi Arabia’s strategy to frame Assad and force the west to intervene in the region.

Despite being cited by Assad’s propagandists and picked up by various news agencies for the sheer ‘Flash value’ of the story, there is little or no evidence to actually corroborate Gavlak’s Hollywood-fashioned conspiracy theory. And we can expect to hear close to nothing more on that. . . that is until they make a movie about it. Oh! I do hope they rope in Morgan Freeman to play Prince Bandar.




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