Egypt shuts down 4 channels for sympathizing with Muslim Brotherhood

September 4, 2013 2:23 pm

Egypt shuts down 4 channels for sympathizing with Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo 04th September 2013 : Egypt’s military-led authorities shut down four television channels yesterday that have been accused of circulating Muslim Brotherhood propaganda.

The channels ordered closed include the Egyptian arm of Qatari media Al-Jazeera, Muslim Brotherhood’s own channel Ahrar 25, Al-Quds and Al-Yarmuk.

Other pro-Islamist channels associated with the Muslim Brotherhood had been taken temporarily off the air before, shortly after the overthrow on 3 July 2013 of President Mohamed Morsi.

The closure of the television channels follows a crackdown on media seen as sympathetic to Morsi and the Brotherhood.

The decision to close the channel comes a day after Egypt threw out three foreign journalists working for Al-Jazeera television’s English-language channel, saying they did not have an exact press accreditation.

The military-led authorities also shut down two other pro Islamist channel Al-Hafiz and Al-Nas, which are associated to the strict Salafi Islamist movement.

Al-Hafez, was ordered close after accusations that it was provoking hatred against Coptic Christians and destructing the unity of nation. Al-Hafez and some of its presenters have often been accused by Copts and liberals of using abusive language about them in their reports.

The security forces also raided the Al Jazeera’s Egyptian news channel office and arrested at least five of its staff. Four of them were later released.

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