Another reporter murdered in Philippines

September 4, 2013 2:48 pm

Another reporter murdered in Philippines

Manila 04th September 2013: A well known Filipino radio commentator Fernando “Nanding” Solijon was shot dead last week, the fourth journalist to be killed in the Philippines in past month.

Solijon was famous for being critical of alleged corruption and increasing crime in a southern Philippine city


Fernando Solijon of DXLS Love Radio was shot by two men on a motorcycle at around 10.30 pm, while he was walking to his car after having dinner with a friend on 29th last month.

Melly, Solijon’s wife said he had got many telephone and text message threats.

At least three other journalists have been killed in the Philippines over the past month. Newspaper columnists Richard Kho and Bonifacio Loreto were shot and killed by motorcycle-riding assailants in the capital city on July 30.

Freelance photographer Mario Sy was shot and killed on 1st of last month by a gunman who entered his home in southern General Santos City.

At least 73 Filipino journalists have been killed in direct connection to their work since 1992. Philippines now considered as the second most deadly country among the world for the press.

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