US: 18 year old Indian origin girl killed in unfortunate prank gone wrong

September 10, 2013 8:41 pm

Qatar Chronicle - Premila Lal

Colorado, 9th September 2013:  18 year old Premila Lal, a girl of Indian origin living at Longmont, Colorado in the US was shot dead last Friday in an unfortunate case of a harmless prank gone terribly wrong.

The horrific incident happened last Friday, when Premila along with her 12 year old cousin decided to play a joke on their close family friend, Nerrek Galley.

Premila’s family had recently moved and their friend Nerrek was helping to keep an eye on the vacated home. He and Premila’s brother were busy playing video games when Premila and her cousin sneaked into the house with the intention of playing a prank.

The victim was hiding inside a closet, when her brother and Nerrek, on hearing some suspicious noises expected an intruder and started looking around the house.

When Premila jumped out of the closet screaming, to scare Nerrek, he accidentally pulled the trigger on the gun he was carrying; Premila’s cousin described in a statement.

The official Police investigation has verified the witness testimonies. Although the shooter Nerrek Galley has not yet been charged with murder, he would face trial on charges of reckless endangerment and child abuse.

The incident has been described as another terrible consequence of youngsters having easy access to guns and once again throws the issue of arms regulations in the United States into the limelight.

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