Slavery in the Heart of London

November 22, 2013 9:35 pm

Qatar Chronicle - Slavery in London

London 21st November, 2013: Reports are coming in from London about one of the most shocking cases of modern day slavery. It has been learnt that three women including a 69 year old Malaysian and a 57 year old Irish woman had been held captive for over 30 years in domestic servitude.

The three were held as slaves by a couple living in Lambeth, London who only allowed them outside to either hang laundry or visit the shop. It is also reported that the three unfortunate women were subjected to intense physical and emotional abuse.

Aneeta Prem, founder of the Freedom Charity; whose role was instrumental in rescuing the women said that the experience had traumatized the three women, the youngest of whom had been held in captivity since childhood.

“When I met them, it was a very humbling experience. They all threw their arms around me, and apart from crying enormously, they thanked the charity for the work Freedom had done in saving their lives.”, commented Ms. Aneeta.

The headlines on a major UK newspaper

The headlines on a major UK newspaper

Their terrible 3 decade long ordeal ended only when one of the victims of the forced servitude made a call for help using Ms Prem’s number, which they had seen on television during a documentary about forced marriages.  The women made this desperate cry for help when one of the victims was refused medical treatment by the captors even after suffering a stroke.

Ms Prem immediately alerted the police who were able to trace the call and free the women from their captivity.

The British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron was unavailable for comment although a spokesman today described the incident as ‘utterly appalling’.

Anita Prem - Founder of Freedom Charity, whose role was instrumental in freeing the slaves

Anita Prem – Founder of Freedom Charity, whose role was instrumental in freeing the slaves

It is known that the police are currently delaying the case proceedings until further evidence and a full account of the ordeal is obtained from the victims. “There are fears [that] this is part of a wider abduction ring. There is an ongoing search of possible linked addresses and for any bodies that might be concealed”, commented an Officer in the Metropolitan Police.

It has been revealed that the captors were an elderly couple who terrified their victims. The police have yet to release the identities of either the victims or the captors although the couple is now being held in custody.

It is shocking that such incidents escaped the eyes of self proclaimed media watchdogs like The Guardian, who continue to pursue baseless allegations of slavery in other parts of the World while ignoring those in their very own backyard.

Slavery in the UK has its roots in the colonial era and is widespread in the country even today

Slavery in the UK has its roots in the colonial era and is widespread in the country even today


Not an Isolated case: The horrific tale of modern day slavery in the U.K.

Last month, the Global Slavery Index revealed shocking statistics that there are more than 5000 people being held captive as ‘Slaves’ in Britain. The majority of these modern day slaves are held at brothels and drug farms across the United Kingdom, while others serve households as domestic servants, in nail bars as well as construction sites and manufacturing industries.

It is believed that the demand for prostitutes and drugs in the country is the major reason more women are being trafficked into the country and kids forced into prostitution.

The country also pursues a trend of criminalizing the victims of drug trafficking and slavery. These foreign victims are often arrested on charges of illegal immigration, drug abuse etc. and serve time in prisons or are deported while their British captives escape punishment.

The majority of these trafficked slaves in Britain are of Eastern European, African or South East Asian origin. With Romania, Poland, Nigeria, Vietnam and the Philippines topping the list of countries from where slaves are being shipped to England.




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