Pakistan bombings claim at least 19 lives

March 15, 2014 10:02 am

m_Pakistan bombings claim at least 19 lives

Islamabad 15th March 2014: At least 19 people were killed in two separate bomb attacks in Pakistan on Friday.

A bomb exploded near a bus in the city of Quetta, killing 10 people and wounding 37 others. The bomb, hidden on a bicycle, exploded when the bus drove by, according to officials.

A suicide attacker blew himself up near a police armoured vehicle in northwestern Pakistan, killing at least nine people and wounding 43.

The attacks occurred as the government currently engage in peace talks with Pakistani Taliban militants, which aims to end the Islamists’ seven-year insurgency, which has claimed thousands of lives.

Over 120 have killed in various attacks since P M Nawaz Sharif announced peace talks with the militants in January.

Militant attacks in the country since the emergence of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in 2007 claimed the lives of around 7,000 people, according to reports.

Image Courtesy: Al Jazeera

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