Pakistan: Over 30 killed in Taliban Attack on Airport, Rescuers trying to reach trapped workers

June 10, 2014 12:22 am

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Karachi Monday 9th June, 2014: The Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack on the Jinnah International Airport.

In one of the most devastating attacks in recent times in the country, 10 militants armed with assault weapons, mortars, suicide vests, rocket launchers and grenades attacked the airport on Sunday. Although no planes were damaged, buildings within the airport compound had caught fire. Pakistan’s elite security forces were deployed on the scene, who swiftly brought down the threat following a gunfight that raged from the late hours of Sunday to dawn on Monday.

Pakistan media have reported that 30 people have been killed in the attack including all 10 of the terrorists.

In a “heroic” effort, security forces “laid down their lives” to block the terminal and stop the attackers, surrounding them and killing all of them, the prime minister’s office said.

Authorities believe atleast 10 workers at the Airport Cargo Complex are still trapped within the sealed off area and efforts are currently underway to rescue them.

Earlier today, the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and said it was a planned revenge for the killing of their late leader Hakimullah Mehsud by a US drone in November 2013.

A spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban –  Shahidullah Shahid, claimed the attack was carried out in revenge for Meshud’s death. ”Pakistan used peace talks as a tool of war, it killed hundreds of innocent tribal women and children. This is our first attack to avenge the death of Hakimullah Mehsud,” he told AFP.

“We have yet to take revenge for the deaths of hundreds of innocent tribal women and children in Pakistani air strikes. It’s just the beginning, we have taken revenge for one, we have to take revenge for hundreds.” , he added.

Unfortunately the Karachi incident was not the only tragedy to befall the nation on the day as in the Taftan near the Western Pakistan-Iran border, 24 pilgrims were killed in a twin suicide attack. The attack late Sunday night came when a bus carrying Shia pilgrims returning from a visit to holy Muslim sites in Iran stopped at a restaurant in Taftan, around 700 kilometres southwest of the provincial capital Quetta.

Both the acts of Terrorism in Pakistan have been condemned by Heads of State from across the world.


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