Over 300 varieties of Spinneys products to enter global markets

September 2, 2014 9:21 am

Over 300 varieties of Spinneys products to enter global marketsSpinneys, the premier retailer in the Middle East, has launched its range of diverse consumer and food Private Label products to be exported to global markets, predominantly in Asia, Africa and MENA countries. This initiative is a result of the success of these productsin Spinneys branches across the Arab world, as well as encountering a continuous demand for them by distributors in developing countries. In light of this, Spinneys will participate in the Dubai exhibition ‘Private Label Middle East’, which will take place from 14 – 16 September 2014, in which it will showcase its products to interested distributors and retailers in the countries currently not having Spinneys operations, with the additional opportunity to explore franchise opportunities.

 Michael Wright, the Group CEO at Spinneys, called this initiative ‘A great leap forward towards our SPINNEYS 100 plan – the next 10 years plan taking us to the centenary of the formation of Spinneys – of bringing the qualities of the Spinneys brand to a greater number of eager consumers in new markets.Trust is the central theme of its relationship with consumers, this has been built up over the last 90 years of delivering the highest standards of products and services to its customers in the Middle East and North Africa. The Spinneys ranges of products like the supermarkets are a unique, in that they are not bound either by having to produce in a single local market nor by production meant for other markets, thus are the products exactly matched to the consumers’ needs in terms of formulation, price and quality. More-over many of the largest Brands in the world produce products with lower specifications for distribution in Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets to maximize their margins on what they deem to be a less demanding consumer than in their home markets, Spinneys however was local born but with an international heritage and thus we view our consumers as highly demanding and produce the best products to serve those demands.”

 Consumers are provided with real alternatives to other leading brands in the market through two main product tiers: Spinneys Supreme and Spinneys Value.

 The “Spinneys Supreme” range is the main Spinneys own label tier, carrying the attributes that the Spinneys brand demonstrates in its supermarkets, and is therefore characterized by its excellent quality, fair price and distinctive packaging; it is positioned as a ‘premium’ brand as it competes with the very best of other local and international brands in the market, achieving often higher quality at lower prices. On the other hand the “Spinneys Value” range offers quality products with simple packaging, targeting price-sensitive consumers, yet again delivering on the trust of the consumers of everything Spinneys.

 The Spinneys Private Label Brand range is carefully sourced for the demands of regions consumers and markets from global and local specialized manufacturing plants,cost effectiveness being achieved due to the buying power of Spinneys with manufacturers. The range includes food items to cleaning products to beauty products to home collection items.The range spans commodities to luxury products and is continuously increasing.

 Spinneys currently operates in Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan and under license in the UAE and Oman.

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